10th Continental Regiment

  • Authorized on April 27, 1775 in the Connecticut State Troops as the 6th Connecticut Regiment.
  • Organized between May 1-20, 1775 to consist of 10 companies from New London and Windham Counties.
  • Adopted on June 14, 1777 into the Continental Army as an element of the Main Continental Army (less 1 company assigned to the New York [subsequently Northern] Department).
  • Assigned on July 22, 1775 to Spencer's Brigade, an element of the Main Continental Army.
  • Reorganized and redesignated on January 1, 1776 (less 1 company disbanded 10 February 1776 in Canada) as the 10th Continental Regiment, to consist of 8 companies.
  • Spencer's Brigade redesignated on August 12, 1776 as Parson's Brigade.
  • Parson's Brigade relieved on November 12, 1776 from assignment to the Main Continental Army and assigned to the Highland's Department.
  • Disbanded on December 31, 1776 at Peekskill, New York


Capt. Edward Mott's Company served in the following

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