Henry Jackson's Additional Continental Regiment

(aka 16th Massachusetts Regiment)

  • Authorized on January 12, 1777 in the Continental Army as Henry Jackson's Additional Continental Regiment.
  • Assigned on May 23, 1777 to the Eastern Department.
  • Organized in spring and summer 1777 at Boston to consist of 7 companies from Middlesex and Suffolk Counties.
  • Relieved on October 7, 1777 from the Eastern Department and assigned to the main Continental Army.
  • Relieved on July 22, 1778 from the main Continental Army and assigned to the Eastern Department.
  • Consolidated on April 9, 1779 with Lee's Additional Continental Regiment and Henley's Additional Continental Regiment and consolidated unit designated as Henry Jackson's Continental Regiment, to consist of 9 companies; concurrently, assigned to the 2nd Massachusetts Brigade, an element of the Eastern Department.
  • Relieved on July 7, 1779 from the 2nd Massachusetts Brigade.
  • Assigned on September 28, 1779 to the Rhode Island Brigade, an element of the Eastern Department.
  • Relieved on November 17, 1779 from the Rhode Island Brigade and assigned to Stark's Brigade, an element of the Main Army.
  • Redesignated on July 24, 1780 as the 16th Massachusetts Regiment.
  • Disbanded on January 1, 1781 at New Windsor, New York.


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