Maryland and Virginia Rifle Regiment

  • Authorized on June 14, 1775 in the Continental Army as two Maryland and one Virginia Independent Rifle Companies and assigned to the main Continental Army.
  • Capts. Michael Cresap's and Thomas Price's Companies organized on June 21, 1775 by the Frederick County, Maryland, Committee of Safety. (Capt. Cresap's died on October 18, 1775 and Lt. Moses Rawlings promoted to command and Price promoted on January 14, 1776 and Lt. Otho Holland Williams promoted to command)
  • Capt. Hugh Stephenson's Company organized on June 22, 1775 by the Berkley County, Virginia, Committee of Safety
  • Maryland and Virginia Rifle Regiment authorized on June 17, 1776 in the Continental Army and assigned to the Main Army.
  • Organized on June 17, 1776 to consist of 3 existing companies and 2 new companies to be raised in Maryland and 4 new companies to be raised in Virginia. Capts. Stephens, Rawlings and Williams promoted, respectively, to be Colonel, Lieutenant-Colonel, and Major
  • New companies organized between July 11-31, 1776 in Frederick and Harford Counties, Maryland and Fauquier, Berkley, Frederick and Culpepper Counties Virginia.
  • Captured in part on November 16 at Fort Washington, New York, by the British Army and regimental organization disbanded.
  • Virginia portion transferred on February 3, 1777 to the 11th Virginia Regiment.
  • Maryland portion provisionally reorganized in November 1776 as a single company under Captain Alexander Lawson Smith and attached to the 4th Maryland Regiment.
  • Reorganized on March 21, 1779 as Rawlings' Independent Corps, to consist of 3 companies; concurrently relived from the Main Army and assigned to the Western Department.
  • Disbanded on January 1, 1781 at Fort Pitt, Pennsylvania.


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