3d Continental Artillery Regiment

(aka Crane's Continental Artillery Regiment)

  • Authorized on January 1, 1777 in the Continental Army as Crane's Continental Artillery Regiment.
  • Organized (less Steven's Provisional Artillery Battalion) in spring 1777 at Boston, Massachusetts and Peekskill, New York, with elements in the Main Army, Highland's Department and the Northern Department, to consist of 12 companies from Massachusetts and Rhode Island (including veterans of the Continental Artillery Regiment)
  • Redesignated on August 10, 1779 as the 3rd Continental Artillery Regiment.
  • Reorganized on January 1, 1781 to consist of 10 companies.
  • Relieved on August 24, 1782 from the Main Army and assigned to the Highland's Department.
  • Reorganized on June 12, 1783 to consist of 4 companies.
  • Disbanded on January 1, 1784 at West Point, New York.


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