Pulaski's Legion



July 1777- Pulaski arrives from France where he had been living in exile after the defeat of the Confederation of Bar in Poland.

Sept 1777- While still un-commissioned leads Washington’s Life Guard against advancing British forces at the Battle of Brandywine, delaying the advance and preventing an American rout. Shortly afterward Pulaski is appointed General of Calvary by Congress.

March 1778- After many problems with subordinate Calvary commanders Washington writes Congress advancing Pulaski's plan for raising an Independent "partizan corps". Maj. Gen. Charles Lee, the second in command of the Continental Army and former opponent of Pulaski's in Poland advises Congress to allow Pulaski to raise 10 times the number of men he requested.

March 28, 1778- Congress authorizes Pulaski to raise an Independent Corps of 68 mounted troops (1 troop of lancers & 2 of Dragoons) and 200 foot "equipped in the manner of light infantry".

August 1778- Pulaski advises Congress his command is ready for battle.

Oct 15, 1778- Legion surprised in Camp near Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey. A recruited German deserter had informed the British of the position. 30 men and 2 officers killed.

November 1778- Legion stationed in the Minisink Valley region of New York to garrison against attacks by Indians and Tories on the frontier.

Nov.28, 1778- Pulaski writes Congress complaining there is "nothing but bears to fight" in the Minisink Valley.

Winter 1778/79- Legion split between Minisink, Morristown and Trenton, New Jersey because of supply problems.

Feb 2, 1779- Legion ordered South to support Maj. Gen. ?? Lincoln.

May 11, 1779- Successfully defended Charleston, South Carolina, sallied against British while surrender negotiations were under way, boosting the defenders morale and preventing the surrender.

Oct. 9, 1779- Pulaski mortally wounded while leading his lancers against British defenses at Savannah, Georgia. Major Peter Vernier assumes command of the decimated Legion.

Feb 1780- Remnants of Pulaski Legion attached to Armand's Legion.

April 13, 1780- In a night surprise attack Armand's and Pulaski's corps are decimated at Monck's Corners SC. Major Vernier killed.

November 1780- Pulaski’s Legion disbanded. Survivors incorporated into Armand's Legion.

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