4th Connecticut Regiment



Authorized on April 27, 1775 in the Connecticut State Troops as the 4th Connecticut Regiment. Organized between May 1-20, 1775, to consist of 10 companies from Litchfield and Hartford Counties. Each company to consist of 1 captain or field grade officer, two lieutenants, one ensign, four sergeants, four corporals, one drummer. one fifer, and 100 privates.

Adopted on June 14, 1775 into the Continental Army

Took part in the Invasion of Canada, Battle of Quebec (Autumn and Winter 1775). Two companies from this regiment were garrisoned at Fort Ticonderoga.

Disbanded in December 1775 in Canada, less two companies disbanded 19-20 December 1775 at Cambridge, Massachusetts. These latter two were Lieutenant Colonel Ozias Bissell's and Captain Hezekiah Parsons' Companies, which stayed behind to serve at the Siege of Boston

COMMANDER: Col. Benjamin Hyman (Hinman) May 1- December 20, 1775.

Authorized on September 16, 1776 in the Continental Army as the 4th Connecticut Regiment

Re- organized between January 1-April 1777 at Norwich to consist of 8 companies from New London, Windham, and Hartford Counties

Defense of Philadelphia Campaign (Fall and early Winter, 1777; included Battles of Brandywine, Germantown and Whitemarsh)

Winter Quarters at Valley Forge, 1777-78 as part of Varnum's Brigade. Col. Durkee commanding, Second in command was Lt. Col. Giles Russell

Battles of Philadelphia-Monmouth (June 28, 1778)

The all black 2nd Company of the 4th Connecticut Regiment, consisting of 48 black privates and NCOs, was formed in October 1780 and served until November 1782. on January 1, 1781, most of its personnel were moved to the new 1st Connecticut Regiment.

Of the force that took Redoubt #10 at Yorktown under command of Alexander Hamilton, some 20 men of the 4th Connecticut, commanded by a Lieutenant, John Mansfield, crashed though the abattis without waiting for the sappers to clear it. Some 70 British soldiers remained in the redoubt to contest the point. The battle took ten minutes.

COMMANDER: Col. John Durkee January 1, 1777- January 1,1781

Re-formed again January 1, 1781 by redesignating the old 6th Connecticut. Served until January 1, 1783 when it was broken up. Half its remaining enlisted men were incorporated into the 1st Connecticut Regiment; half into the 3rd Connecticut Regiment.
COMMANDER: Col. Zebulon Butler January 1, 1781-January 1, 1783.

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