5th Connecticut Regiment

  • Authorized on April 27, 1775 in the Connecticut State Troops as the 5th Connecticut Regiment.
  • Organized between May 1-20, 1775 to consist of 10 companies from Fairfield County.
  • Adopted on June 14, 1777 into the Continental Army.
  • Assigned on June 25, 1775 to the New York [subsequently Northern] Department .
  • Disbanded in December 1775 in Canada.



April 19, 1775 will long be remembered as the date that began the American War for Independence. on that date the British Army carried out a raid on Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts. With the news of the attack and the resulting battle, the Connecticut Assembly acted swiftly by authorizing the establishment of its part of a New England Army which had long been called for by the Massachusetts Provincial Congress.

Formed on May 1, 1775, the 5th Connecticut Regiment, commanded by Colonel David Waterbury, was one of the original six regiments of Connecticut's Colonies adopted this Army into the Continental Army. The Regiment then served at Fort Ticonderoga; participated in the successful siege of Fort Saint Johns, Canada; and helped capture Montreal in November. It was mustered out of service in December 1775.

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