The Bedel's Regiment

  • Authorized on May 26, 1775 in the New Hampshire State troops as Capt. Timothy Bedel's Company of Rangers.
  • Organized on June 23, 1775 at Coos. Expanded between July 5-6, 1775 as Maj. Timothy Bedel's Corps of Rangers, to consist of 3 companies.
  • Assigned on August 7, 1775 to the New York (later Northern Department).
  • Expanded and reorganized in the Continental Army 8 January-12 March 1776 as Bedel's Regiment, to consist of 8 companies from Northwestern New Hampshire, and assigned to the Canadian Department.
  • Relieved on July 2, 1776 from the Canadian Department and assigned to the Northern Department.
  • Disbanded on January 1, 1777 at Coos



Bedel's Regiment was first raised as a single company of rangers in Coos, New Hampshire on May 26, 1775 under the command of Timothy Bedel for the protection of northern New Hampshire during the early days of the American Revolutionary War. Between July 1775 and January 1776 eight more companies of rangers were recruited from the frontiermen of northern New Hampshire as the regiment joined the Continental Army and took part in the Battle of Fort St. Jean and the Battle of Cedars during the Invasion of Canada. Most of the regiment was captured at Cedars but were exchanged for British soldiers captured during the Canadian campaign eight days later. With the ending of the enlistments of the soldiers the regiment was disbanded on January 1, 1777 at Coos, New Hampshire.

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