The 3d New York Regiment


  • New York 1777
  • Mohawk Valley
  • Iroquois 1779


The 3rd New York Regiment was authorized under Colonel James Clinton on June 28, 1775 for five months service in Canada. The regiment was reraised between February 1776 and Mary 1776 at Albany, New York for service with the Continental Army under Colonel Rudolphus Ritzema. The regiment was raised for the third time in December, 1776 under the command of Peter Gansevoort.

The regiment would see action in the New York Campaign, Fort Stanwix and the Sullivan Expedition. During the winter of 1779 - 1780 it encamped with the New York Brigade at Morristown, New Jersey. The regiment was merged into the 1st New York Regiment, on January 1, 1781.

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