The 13th Pennsylvania Regiment

  • Authorized on March 6, 1776 in the Pennsylvania State Troops as the Pennsylvania State Rifle Regiment.
  • Organized in between March 7- May 29, 1776 at Markus Hook, to consist of the 1st Battalion (6 companies) from Philadelphia City and Bucks, Bedford, York, Norhampton and Northumberland Counties; and the 2nd Battalion (6 companies) from Berks, Cumberland, Lancaster and Westmoreland Counties.
  • Assigned on July 4, 1776 to the Main Continental Army.
  • Assigned on August 12, 1776 to Stirling's Brigade, an element of the Main Army.
  • Relieved on August 31, 1776 from Stirling's Brigade and assigned to Mifflin's Brigade, an element of the Main Continental Army.
  • Mifflin' Brigade redesignated on October 8, 1776 as Stirling's Brigade.
  • Relieved in January 1777 from Stirling's Brigade.
  • Consolidated on July 1, 1778 with the 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment.



The Pennsylvania State Regiment of Foot was organized at the end of April, 1777, from the men and officers of Miles's rifle battalion and Atlee's musketry battalion. Colonel John Bull was appointed colonel on May 2, 1777, but was succeeded on June 17 by Colonel Walter Stewart. On June 10, 1777, the Pennsylvania Assembly, following the advice of the Supreme Executive Council of the state, transferred the state regiment to Continental service. Colonel Stewart called his regiment the Thirteenth Pennsylvania Regiment in his weekly return of October 27, and it was so designated and officially added to the Continental Line by a resolution of the Continental Congress dated November 12, 1777. The Thirteenth was incorporated with the Second Pennsylvania, July 1, 1778.

March 5, 1776 The Pennsylvania House of Representatives passes a resolution to establish: The Pennsylvania State Rifle Regiment, know as Miles’s Regiment, was to consist of two battalions of six companies of seventy-eight enlisted men, armed with rifles: The State Battalion of Musketry, known as Atless’s Battalion, was to consist of eight companies of fifty-eight enlisted men, armed with muskets.

August 11, 1776 The Pennsylvania troops are ordered to New York and are assigned to the brigade commanded by General William Alexander.

August 25-27, 1776 The Battle of Long Island. The Pennsylvania Riflemen are sent to the left near Flatbush and the Musketeers are sent to the right with General Alexander. During the battle, Colonel Miles, Atlee and Lt. Colonel Piper are captured. Lt. Colonel Brodhead is placed in command of the consolidated forces and ordered by General Washington to withdraw to Manhattan.

October 28, 1776 The Battle of White Plains. A portion of the Pennsylvanians, most of them riflemen, served on the American left flank against the Hessians.

November 16, 1776 The fall of Fort Washington. The Pennsylvanians assigned to the fort, mostly from the Musket Battalion, are among those captured.

December 26, 1776 The Battle of Trenton. Participating in a part of the left wing under Nathaniel Green, the Pennsylvanians assist in the defeat of the Hessians under Colonel Rall.

January 3, 1777 The Battle of Princeton. With less than 200 troops remaining, the consolidated troops are assigned to Brig. General Hugh Mercer and attack a group of British dragoons.

March 1, 1777 The Pennsylvania State Regiment is officially activated as a unit. The Pennsylvania Council of Safety prescribes that there will be ten companies, "eight of them armed with muskets and the other two with riffles." (sic)They are officially uniformed in a blue regimental coat with red lining and facing and pewter buttons inscribed PSR. Black regimental hats are bound up in yellow.Records of deserters in 1777-78 show however, men clad in various color regimental coats and hunting shirts.

June 10, 1777 The transfer of the Pennsylvania State Regiment to the Continental service is formalized.

September 11, 1777 The Battle of Brandywine. After exchanging fire in the area of Chadd’s Ford, The PSR, as part of General Greene’s division move to meet the main British assault

October 4, 1777 Battle of Germantown. Still assigned to Greene’s division, the PSR participates in the assault of the British right flank.

November 12, 1777 The Pennsylvania State Regiment is officially designated the 13th Pennsylvania Regiment of the Continental Line.

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