The 3rd South Carolina Regiment

(aka South Carolina Ranger Regiment)

  • Authorized on June 6, 1775 in the South Carolina State Troops as the South Carolina Regiment of Horse Rangers.
  • Organized in summer 1775 at Ninety-Six Court House to consist of nine companies from western South Carolina.
  • Redesignated on November 12, 1775 as the 3rd South Carolina Regiment.
  • Adopted on July 24, 1776 into the Continental Army and assigned to the Southern Department; Capt. Ezekiel Polk's Independent Company (organized in summer 1775 in western South Carolina) concurrently redesignated as the 10th Company, 3rd South Carolina Regiment.
  • Assigned on November 23, 1776 to the 1st South Carolina Brigade, an element of the Southern Department.
  • Relieved on August 26, 1778 from the 1st South Carolina Brigade and assigned to the 2nd South Carolina Brigade, an element of the Southern Department.
  • Relieved on January 3, 1779 from the 2nd South Carolina Brigade.
  • Assigned on February 1, 1779 to the South Carolina Brigade, an element of the Southern Department.
  • Reorganized on February 11, 1780 to consist of nine companies.
  • Captured on May 12, 1780 at Charleston by the British Army.
  • Disbanded on January 1, 1781.


Detachments additionally served in the following:

  • Cherokees 1776
  • Florida
  • Florida 1778


The 3rd South Carolina Regiment was raised on June 6, 1775, at Ninety-Six Court House, South Carolina, for service with the Continental Army. The regiment saw action at the Siege of Savannah and the Siege of Charleston. The regiment was captured by the British Army at Charleston on May 12, 1780, together with the rest of the Southern Department. The regiment was disbanded on November 15, 1783.

Charleston, South Carolina Siege Charleston Campaign 7 March - 12 May 1780

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