4th South Carolina Regiment

  • Authorized on November 13, 1775 in the South Carolina State Troops as the 4th South Carolina Regiment.
  • Organized between November 20- December 18, 1775 at Charleston to consist of three companies from the greater Charleston area.
  • Adopted on June 18, 1776 into the Continental Army and assigned to the Southern Department.
  • Expanded on October 18, 1776 to consist of six companies (Beaufort and Georgetown Independent Companies of Artillery concurrently redesignated as the 4th and 5th Companies, 4th South Carolina Regiment).
  • Captured on May 12, 1780 at Charleston by the British Army.
  • Disbanded on January 1, 1781.


Detachments additionally served in the following:

  • Southern Highlands
  • Florida
  • Florida 1778


The 4th South Carolina Regiment was raised on November 13, 1775 at Charleston, South Carolina for service with the Continental Army. The regiment saw action at the Siege of Savannah and the Siege of Charleston. The regiment was captured at Charleston on May 12, 1780 together with the rest of the Southern Department by the British Army. The regiment was disbanded on November 15, 1783.

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