The 7th Virginia Regiment

  • Authorized on January 11, 1776 in the Virginia State Troops as the 7th Virginia Regiment.
  • Organized between February 7- May 8, 1776 at Gloucester Court House to consist of 10 companies from Halifax, Albemarle, Botetourt, Gloucester, King William, Essex, Middlesex, Cumberland, King and Queen, Orange and Fincastle Counties.
  • Adopted on June 17, 1776 into the Continental Army and assigned to the Southern Department.
  • Relieved on December 27, 1776 from the Southern Department and assigned to the Main Continental Army.
  • Assigned on May 11, 1777 from Stirling's Brigade and assigned to the 3rd Virginia Brigade, an element of the Main Continental Army.
  • Reorganized on November 1, 1777 to consist of 8 companies.
  • Relieved on July 22, 1778 from the 3rd Virginia Brigade and assigned to the 2nd Virginia , an element of the Main Continental Army.
  • Reorganized and redesignated on May 12, 1779 as the 5th Virginia to consist of 9 companies.
  • Relieved on December 4, 1779 from the 2nd Virginia Brigade and assigned to the Southern Department.
  • Captured on May 12, 1780 by the British Army at Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Disbanded on January 1, 1783



In September 1778, the Virginia Line was rearranged, by reducing the fifteen regiments to eleven. The reorganization saw the 5th Virginia Regiment (of 1775) redesignated the 3rd Virginia and the 7th Virginia regiments becoming the "new" Fifth Regiment. The Commander of the "new" Fifth was Col. William Russell.

Little is written about the 5th Regiment during the winter of 1778 -79. In the reorganization of the Virginia Line in May 1779, the 5th Regiment became part of Brig. Gen. William Woodford’s Brigade. Following operations in the Northern Colonies, the Virginia troops were ordered south to join Brig. Gen. Benjamin Lincoln in defense of the Southern Colonies. These troops under Woodford and Scott entered Charleston, South Carolina on April 7, 1780.
On May 12, 1780, General Lincoln surrendered the city of Charlestown, along with the entire Virginia Line of Continental troops to the British.

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